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Welcome to my collection of RARE concert DVD videos & cd-r audio recordings.You wilI find a large selection of rare
Jazz DVD,Rock concert DVD,Blues DVD as well as Jazz Fusion DVD and other assorted styles that are of interest to
me.I have been a guitar player for nearly 3 decades ,and I enjoy hearing from other enthusiasts of Jazz,Rock,Fusion
& Blues interested in obtaining these hard to find performances. Whether you are looking for rare Jazz CD
concerts,rare Blues CD concerts,Rare Rock concert CD,you are bound to find something of interest on my RARE
DVD LIST or RARE CD-R AUDIO LIST simply by clicking on the RARE DVD LIST for my collection of rare,unreleased
concert DVDs,or click on RARE CD-R AUDIO LIST to see my varied collection of unreleased,rare audio CD concerts.I
currently on my lists.The DVD list is comprised of privately shot video concerts,both in clubs and major concert
venues,Television broadcasts (and when lucky enough vintage television rebroadcasts) of classic rock video,or
Jazz programs,Blues documentaies and other collectible concerts or shows. My list of audio cd-r is comprised of
privately recorded concerts,FM broadcasts,and soundboard recordings,which may be live or studio out-takes. My
tastes are quite varied:
I appreciate the mastery of Andres Segovia,the individuality and grace of Jeff Beck, the cool of Miles Davis, the
funkiness of Freddie King,the technical prowess of Allan Holdsworth,the wizardry of John McLaughlin,the Soul of
Roy Buchanan,the rawness of Albert Collins,the colors of Ray Gomez,and the Spirit of Shawn Lane,plus so much
I realize that may be difficult to trade with me since my collection is quite sizable, however I still encourage you to
contact me. Bootleg music video and bootleg audio concerts are not intended to compete with commercial releases
as true music enthusiasts always buy every release their favorite artist(s) have available.Many thanks to my
wonderful friends in Europe and Japan & U.S.A. for all the great trades over the years. Please click on the link to
e-mail me at: info@jazzrockandbluesvideo.com